Photo: Andrei Ozdoba
Pffffuaaaauh, that's a good question. My grandmother viseted me the other day and asked do I really wear them all. I started thinking and yes - I truly wear them all! If some people collect wrapping paper or expensive art then I collect training shoes and sneakers. Actually, I have not counted how many pairs I have in total but well, I have never been good at math anyway. It is what it is and where there is plenty there will always be more. 

I don't really have a dream sneaker but I love to mix and match my clothing and shoes to break the evergreen myth that dresses and sneakers don't match and it's classically sexy to wear a black dress with, for instance, black heels. That was supposed to be perfectly ideal. I mean, come on - ideal is boring! Perfect is boring! Be a rebel and wear your favorite dress with your training shoes and so what if your mother looks at you and mumbles to herself about how she has ''failed as a parent because you wear outfits like that...'' 
Don't be afraid to try new and ''out of the box'' styles because the only thing that could happen is that you get a kick-ass outfit and a cool experience. Or you just get your ass kicked but you know that you will never wear that sweater and jeans combo. Ever. Again. Sill, a good lesson anyway. 
Are we still talking about shoes and dresses, by the way?