If yes, then I hope You'll see my modest intentions with this page. Take a look around and let me know what You think.
But before You go, I'd like to say: ''Thank You!'' for finding Your way to my very first homepage. This beauty has been in the making for a long time in my head, on the paper, with my awesome agency and I want to thank everybody who made it possible. I'm not the easiest to deal with (mainly as a client, otherwise I'm a delight) because I kind of almost certainly know what I want, sort of.  I'm just not aware if the things that I want are even possible to execute at all. I can't help it because I work part time in the Perfection Department. Ok, who am I kidding - full time. Plus a little extra hours. Ok. More like an 80h work week.
Everything You find in here is mine - my thoughts, my world, my good and bad ideas, my attempts to make a difference and offer you some motivation, redemption, inspiration,  new finds about yourself and everyone else... I am honest and this is what I'll try my best to be. I want You to know - if You feel, that I'm talking to You, then I probably am and if it matters to you - please DO let me know! If my thoughts touch You in any way or help You find Your way - don't keep it to yourself! Let me know so I could find mine, because I'm still growing, looking around and evolving to be a better person and, trust me - together it's so much more rewarding.
I'll be more than happy to answer Your questions but I'm sorry in advance, if the replies take a little time to get to you. They will, eventually!
So far, take a look around and leave feedback, either here or me@sandraraju.com