My style is quite casual and I wear sneakers as much as possible which doesn't mean that I don't manage to walk in killer-heels. Or, well, at least that is what I think. As a dancer, you have to be able to make magic in sneakers, slippers, barefoot or 10cm heels and my dancing days have taught me quite many skills on heels. Mainly of course how to do double spins on heels and change my clothing in 30-seconds. Guys - I strongly advise to find a girl who has done dancing in her past. In addition to good posture, they have a sensational ability to get ready for a prom in like...say in 15-minutes - shower, make-up, run yourself dry, dress up, make-up check, new outfit, shoes don't match, change of purse, fix up make-up (again), selfie and voila - ready! 


It's always very entertaining to walk around the town in normal clothing and then to see the reaction from my friends and clients in the style of ''Wow, your wardrobe has stuff other than Nike, too?!'' is pretty exiting. People don't seem to recognize me without training clothing and that always makes me smile. For me, that means I can still surprise them and won't be boringly perfect. Yes, perfect is boring – don’t become one!

Come to talk about brands then (I may shock some people now...) but my endless love goes to Nike - there's nothing to do on this matter because Nike has stolen my heart and soul and feet and arms and everything. I also like Estonian design and designers but for now, I've been enjoying myself looking and admiring at their work more than buying. I don't enjoy shopping very much, I like to go to the store and take what I need - just buy it and leave. Over and done! I'd like to put my time else than dragging my tired body around the stores looking for a different shade of silk blouse because the one in the other store was ''too burgundy''. World is waiting to be rescued so I'll do that instead. In a dress and Nike sneakers. 

I also believe in Pinterest so go and check out my board - Clothesandstuffs shows you exactly what I love